Your “BE THE CREATOR” training with Normand Deslandes:


You are a dedicated and growth seeking individual. You want to experience more love laughter and lightness in your life. You want to elevate your contribution to the next level. You believe it is time to change and you would like to be a transformation catalyst for yourself, your family and/or your organisation. This training was design for you.

You want to experience more love laughter and lightness in your life. You want to elevate your contribution to the next level. This training was design for you.

Why this program

  • You know you have more potential and feel that everything you know has failed to create the reality you wish for.
  • You believe in the strength of commitment. However, even with the best intention, you are still experiencing frequent change of focus in your life.
  • You are done taken principles based trainings that increase your mental activities without producing the results you wish for.
  • You started to doubt your ability to create the life of your dreams.
  • You have grown aware of the quick fix strategies and are ready to do the work… If only, it could be the last time.
  • If any of this is true for you, It is time to bring practical enlightenment practices to your next creation thru the uniqueness of Energy Based Living.

We are energy. Our thoughts, words and actions are the source of all creation. Energy based Living is the integration of universal concepts into a unique transformation model to create momentum in your act of creation.

Normand Deslandes


Welcome to BE THE CREATOR; your unique practical enlightenment training using a simple transformation model to move you from reaction to creation (More in my free training click here). It specifically design for conscious driven and growth seeking inividuals to create momentum in their act of creation as they experience more love, laughter and lightness in their lives.


  • Use a single tool to constantly align yourself with your soul’s purpose.
  • Energize yourself and strengthened your soul connection.
  • Create the growth mindset require to increase consciousness.
  • Empower yourself as you bridge the gap between consciousness, creation and growth.
  • Consciously plant the seeds of the reality your soul is craving for.
  • Bring more love, laughter and lightness to every aspect of your life.
  • Attract the growth partners that will support you.
  • Stay focused on a life that inspires and fulfill you.

From your inner world


      As you experience a reconciliation between your spiritual and your physical life, you will recover the energy of your soul. When that happens, you will experience a sense of freedom unrelated to your situation or status.
      As you gain inner clarity and ease of expression using the transformation model, your desire to experience more love, laughter and lightness will emerge naturally.
      You will recognize and appreciate who you are and the unique gifts that you carry into this world. As you do this, you will also notice the gifts of the people around you. This alone will change your perceptions and life forever. Welcome to self-love.
      Your new self-management style will bring a level of simplicity and efficiency that will lighten your relationships, reduce your stress and bring to surface your innate desire to thrive.
      As you share the Energy Based Living transformation model with teams, partners and family member, you will experience more coherence, fluidity and fun as you bypass the resistance of cultural differences and condition behaviours to establish stronger and meaningful connections.
      Inner connection, clarity of mind and purpose will bring the certainty you need to take quick and sound decisions inline with who you are and what you desire to create.
      Using the Energy Based Living transformation model, you will increase your energy, your confidence and your zest for life.  Beside learning to master your human experience, most participants have also experience a significant change to their health within the short duration of the course.

To your outer world



Do you carry the thoughts, words and actions that best support your act of creation? If you cannot answer, you are currently living in the shadow of the words, thoughts and actions of the external world. It is draining your energy and your ability to create.

Using the transformation model, You will devellop your inner strength require to sustain your efforts of creation. It will increase your satisfaction, motivation and commitment to yourself.


Our biggest challenge as we move into a different version of ourselves it to let go of our fear-driven mindset that creates stagnation, and embrace a growth-driven mindset that brings the expansion required for our transformation.

You will use my management model to quickly transform a mindset of resistance (limiting thoughts) to a mindset of fluidity (possibilities, growth and expansion).


The search for a meaningful Vision has become the main focus of our world. A meaningful Vision is indeed a powerful source of energy, connection and synchronicity. Yet, most people are looking at the outside world to find one. They end up with an EGO-driven vision that quickly loose it’s appeal. Using the transformation model, you will learn to create your HEART-driven Vision that will inspire you through time.


Normand Deslandes, Creator the EBL Transformation model

Normand Deslandes | Energy Based Living - Be The Creator

Normand has more than 27 years of experience as a Transformation Catalyst.  His unique transformation model is by far the simplest and most powerful self-management tool you can find. It connects our craving for happiness and fulfilment, to the never-ending search for efficiency, commitment and growth crucial to the well being of our human experience.

His trainings are kind, loving, and revolutionary at the same time. They bring a new perspective on our true life’s purpose. Be ready for interactive exercises, surprising eye-opening research, and live coaching that triggers your inner knowing and transform your mind into the powerful creator you were meant to be. You can expect “Aha!” moments, crazy laughter and some tears. You will be inspired, motivated and empowered as you leave with practical life-changing strategies.

70 +


1200 +


7000 +


This training allowed me to know myself better and gain clarity in my professional and personal vision. The transformation I went through brought more harmony and lightness in all aspects of my life. I experience more fun, coherence and solidarity with my employees. Bonus, we are definitely a more effective team. Jump in if you want to change your life!
André Tremblay
President Produits Métalliques A.T. Inc
I took the Norm's training without really knowing what kind of adventure I was about to start. I discovered a simple and effective approach that is now part of my daily life. The effects were fast and they continue to fuel my thoughts and especially my actions. Attracted by curiosity, I leave with tools that serve me daily and that feed my entire team.
Daniel Bouffard
Dealership Owner Marquis Automobile
The training with Norm gave me the tools and explanations so I could understand and reframe the experiences (positive or negative) that shaped my life. I am now able to identify the situations and contexts that creates a specific result. I gained certainty and took control of my destiny. I quit a job that no longer agreed with me and I am now a happy business owner. This training will not only change your view on life, It will change your existence. Thank you Norm.
Simon Girouard
General Manager Contrôle RK
I wanted to unify my team by giving them a common management tool that would allow them to go further. We have reached a higher level of dialogue and collaboration that fosters individual and corporate growth. I have a better understanding of my feelings. I am more relaxed and comfortable to face my daily challenges. We learned to live and grow together. This experience has greatly increased my level of consciousness.
Enrico Carpinteri
President Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes

Your program

Be The creator

Be the creator will guide you through a powerful and easy-to-use transformation model that enhance your ability to materialize long-term transformation within yourself, your relationships and your business. You will integrate the creator mindset and change forever the way you think, talk and act upon your most precious heart driven goals.

The training is designed to create an alignment between who you are, your vision and your behaviours. It will take you to a higher level of energy, consciousness and love.  You will move gradually from an unconscious reaction mode to a conscious creation mode.

You will become the relentless catalyst of the transformation you wish to see in yourself and around you. Inner strength, Mindset and Vision will be part of your inspired lifestyle. It will open your heart and keep you on an exciting journey of personal and professional discovery, expansion and growth.

Explore the 9 modules of your program:

Module 1 - Foundations


You will learn the universal principles of Energy Based living which underlies my personal and team management model. It will simplify and clarify your action strategy to create the fertile ground essential to growth and expansion. The power of this single discovery will ensure a quick learning curve allowing more fluidity while progressing toward your desired vision. You will also learn;


  • To measure and use energy to create the required transformations so you can still thrive and grow in this period of accelerated transformation.
  • To assess your current ability to create lasting changes and identify the main areas of your human experience you need to focus on to drastically increase your results.
  • To identify and strategically use 4 levers to create the fertile environment to inspire a growing and thriving community around you.


In this module, you will discover a completely different inner guidance system that will bring you on the path of possibilities and freedom. You will make the connection between energy, behaviour and performance to better understand the power that you have on your desired outcome. This new perspective will change your habits and propel you toward the creation of your new reality. You will also learn to;


  • Easily recognize consciousness and energy levels through behaviour patterns.
  • Communicate more effectively, empower yourself and the people around you regardless of their level of energy and/or consciousness level.
  • Use the Energy Web process to transform any low energy situation into a high energy, outcome driven and enjoyable interaction.
  • Use a growth partner to speed up your learning process.

Module 3 - From Inspiration to Vision

Our desire for success and the need for constant realignment translates into fatigue, anxiety, and a high stress level. Constant distractions and the lack of a clear vision makes it difficult to focus. As a result, most people live their day to day on endless and meaningless “To do” lists. This module is about creating a solid vision based on who you are and what you choose to commit to. You will also learn;


  • To clarify and define a heart-driven vision that promotes commitment and dedication to yourself. Using the transformation model, you will modify your vision until it becomes an extension of who you are.
  • To ensure the validity, strength and effectiveness of your vision before investing time, energy and money in a direction that leads nowhere.
  • To transform your vision into daily habits that will increase your energy and accelerate the achievement of the results you want.

Module 4 - Creator Mindset

In this module, you will use the creator mindset to bring simplicity and fluidity in your efforts of creation. You will align your thoughts, words and actions in congruence with your heart-driven vision. In doing so, you will become more efficient as you trade your “To Do” lists for your “To Be” lists. You will also learn;


  • To use an archetype that solidifies your mindset, increases your focus and your level of satisfaction in less than a minute.
  • To use the power of Mini-Vision to create quick alignment in your daily communications. (Relationships, family, business) In doing so, you will feel more energized and accomplished.
  • To quickly identify and transform any energy draining situation into an immediate energy gain through the Energy Web process.

Module 5 - Claiming your Inner power

We all, consciously or not, create stories which may or may not support what we want. Transmutation is a process used to create a realignment between your choices and your stories (inner dialogue) so you can reclaim your inner power. In this module, you will learn to:


  • Use the Energy Web process to quickly identify unsupportive stories that you co-created.
  • Move from resistance to fluidity by creating stories that support your desired outcome.
  • Use heart energy to create a continuous momentum in any situations.
  • Release any limitations with the EBL Transmutation Process. (Only if you are ready to experience more love, laughter and lightness in your next creation.)

Module 6 - From Vision to Integration


You already created your heart-driven vision. It is time to integrate it into your cells so it becomes your unshakable inner guidance system. You will align thoughts, words and actions so you can experience the freedom, the peace and the excitement of a cellular level integrated vision. You will also learn to:


  • Use the EBL zero point concept to enter a neutral state that will bring clarity, peace and purpose into your integration process.
  • Use the vision 10X alignment process to maximize coherence, energy and effectiveness in your daily creation.
  • Make your vision part of all your communications so you can attract the right people that will contribute to your success.

Module 7 - Self love and Appreciation

Self-love and appreciation are the primary source of inner strength and accelerated growth. In this module, you will experience 5 to 10 minutes practices that you can use anywhere, anytime to empower yourself and others. It is the most efficient way to increase your energy and create lasting transformations in your relationships. You will also learn to:


  • Use the EBL Energy Web to improve self-love and appreciation thru your communications. Whether it is in your relationships, family or business, you will see immediate changes taking place.
  • Communicate with your human experience to create a deep and powerful connection with your soul.
  • Set up a group appreciation process that will instantly change everyone’s perceptions and create fluidity, collaboration and expansion in any group. (Relationships, family or Business)

    Module 8 - Accelerated Growth


    Any transformation is the result of a series of actions that differ from those taken previously. This is what is commonly identified as risk taking or expansion. This module will serve as a springboard to identify the expansion you required to accelerate your progression towards your heart-driven vision. You will also learn to:


    • Use the integration and creation axis of the EBL transformation model to insure that you stay balance as you move towards your goals.
    • Create and measure energetically the effectiveness of your expansion plan to manifest your heart-driven vision.
    • Use the power of commitment and incantations to embody your new plan at a cellular level. Doing so will increase your confidence and determination.

    Module 9 - Integration


    In this module, we will put it all together. Using your own case scenario, we go deeper in the intricacies of the model. Nothing is left unsolved. You will increase your level of clarity and continue moving towards your vision before you leave the training. The purpose of this phase is to experience results in the moment so you can build the certainty required to pursue your vision no matter how big it is. You will also learn to:


    • Use an awareness checklist to avoid reactive condition behaviours so you can take conscious action in congruence with your vision.
    • Release any resistance who might have surface during the early stages of your journey.
    • Use direct coaching to maintain the momentum you acquire during the course.
    • Transform your follow-up strategy into daily habits to maximize your results even after the training is over.

    What they are saying…

    What a great Adventure; love, energy, awareness, awakening and transformation. With all your simplicity and authenticity, you transmit your knowledge with great generosity and without restraint so that my life can be transformed. The alignment of the mind with the heart left a powerful seed that became a daily practice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Thank you for your powerful energy. Despite my initial skepticism, you were able to quickly awaken me to my heart and to the essentials of life. My life has taken another major step, shifting my perceptions upside down. My spiritual life Is now in the forefront.
    Normand Paré
    In the process of being of service to others, I completely forgot myself. It led me to experience two life threatening physical illness. I was perfectly aware of the 4 core principles of Energy Based Living. As part of my profession, I studied them and taught them to my patients and clients. Yet, I never had the clarity that would allow me to constantly apply them to my own life. I decided to really dive into them and most importantly, start living them! It has given me a solid foundation to create the life transformations ı wish for and to become a better Creator of my reality. For some, it may seem that applying 4 core principles to their lives is no biggie. For me, they have become the ‘turning point’ through which I’m starting to live. Thanks to Norm and the simplicity of his transformation model. Now I am able to apply it to my everyday life!
    Ana Maria Anguiano
    Family Therapist, Ontological Coach,
    I felt a need for simplicity and efficiency in my management approach. My EBL training allowed me to lighten my relationships and reduce my stress. I am now much more calm, clear and I know how to maximize my days. Normand made me realize that all the tools I needed were in me. His training has touched me deeply and the impact of his model continues to grow.
    Alain Tremblay
    Production Director, Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes
    At the dawn of a new challenge as a supervisor, I had the desire to further develop the human aspect with my team. After my Energy Based Living training, I was able to focus more on who I am and what I want to create. I exploit more of my potential,I feel empowered. The clarity and the intensity of Normand allowed me to quickly apply his model. I have increased my energy, unified my team and received, on several occasions, the recognition of my colleagues.
    Amélie Denis-Noêl
    Maintenance Director, Les Cuisines Gaspésiennes

    What you get

    For yourself

    40 participants maximum/training



    Growth seeking Individuals, Entrepreneurs, leaders

    40 hr Online Live Training

    • 8 – 3 hr live interactive training session (once a week) followed by…
    • 4 – 3 hr live Energy Based living integration session (once a week) followed by..
    • 1 – 4 hr live Follow up, Strategies and Celebration (one month later)

    Training Material

    • 80 pages + Be The Creator PDF Workbook.
    • Access to a membership area with all the Video replays.
    • PDF printable size of my model and some posters to increase your focus and energize your environment.

    Registration opens October 2021

    For You and Your Organization

    8 to 12 participants maximum/training

    Customised training for your organisations

    Online Live Training

    • 8 – 3 hrs live interactive training session
      (once a week for 8 weeks)

    Integration Training (onsite or online)

    • 2 days of practical Vision, Culture and Mindset integration exercises.
    • Turning strategies into powerful habits.
    • Celebration!

    Follow up online coaching

    • Bimonthly coaching meeting with your team.
    • Dealing with the real day-to-day challenges…
      Nothing is left without an answer and a clear strategy.

    Training Material

    • 80 pages + Be The Creator PDF Workbook.
    • Access to a membership area with all the Video replays.
    • PDF printable size of my model and some posters to increase your focus and energize your environment.

    Frequently asked Questions

    How does "Be The Creator" work?

    Be The Creator is a live online course that I give personally over a period of 12 weeks. I record each session should you wish to review them. To maximize attention and retention, all sessions are 3 hours long. (I use Zoom):

      • 8 sessions of interactive Teaching/Coaching.
      • 4 sessions dedicated to integration coaching.
      • Integration Training videos every week.
      • 1 final session for the follow-up & Celebration one month later. I use Zoom as my teaching/coaching platform.

      How do I know if "Be The Creator" is for me?

      I’ve had participants from 15 to 72 years old with the same results; awesome transformation. However, magic happens if you carry these attributes:

        • You are driven by growth, consciousness and contribution.
        • You know you have a lot of untapped potential.
        • You have a leadership role or growing towards one.
        • You want to be part of something more meaningful.
        • You are either very motivated or desperate to live something different.

        All of which will make this course the most valuable training you have ever taken. If you are still not sure, please read the testimonials. If you are not inspired or even touched by them, this course is not for you. Here is the link:  Happy Clients.

        I am not an entrepreneur or a leader, can I still join?

        You can certainly join the training but remember, this is not a training to feed people’s curiosity. It is meant for those who choose to experience, take risks and move forward. If you are ready for this and that you resonate with the attributes we discuss in the previous question, you will have an amazing experience.

        How is this training different from what is out there?

        All trainings have their own value, “Be The Creator” shines through its simplicity and power. One single management model applicable to yourself, your business, your family or any organization you can think of.

          By the time you are done with the course, your level of clarity will be such that all challenges will find their solutions within minutes. Complicated universal principles reduce to one simple management universal model. It will also bring you more peace, power and purpose in every action you take.

          Are we having interractions of is it a self-pace online course?

          Although the live format may not be available for long, this training is indeed completely live. We are interacting on Zoom where you can ask your questions in real time. This is why the attendance is limited to 40 peoples at the moment.

            It is not a self-pace training. Unless you plan to watch the recorded replays, plan to be there in person. It is the best way connect with the group and to get the most out of the training. The dates and timing will be available when registration opens.

            Can I join anytime or do I have to begin at start date?

            You can miss a few sessions if you are already committed on specific dates. I do not recommend that you do so. However, you will be able to review the sessions recording. That being said, you need to join the course before the last day of registration. Afterwards, the course will be closed. The program “Be The Creator” for individuals is given only twice a year.

            What is the schedule of the live training sessions?

            The live training sessions are always on Friday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Eastern time). The exact dates for the training will be available when the next course opens. If you want to make sure you are on the next course, I strongly suggest you join our waiting list by clicking here.

            Do I need a growth Partner or can I do it by myself?

            No matter what, you will end up with a growth partner from your course. If you do not have someone in your environment that is part of the same journey, It may very well become difficult to connect and grow with the people around you. A growth seeking partner is the greatest asset you can have to stay focused on the changes you wish to create in your life.

            Undecided, still on the fence…  I have just what you need!

            Start right now…  Its Free!

            Available October 1st

            Watch my free
            Creator Masterclass

            Start your Journey with my 5 Steps to fill your life with Love, Laughter and lightness as you create momentum in your act of creation. Move from distraction to creation (enlightenment) as you bring meaning and fulfilment into your challenges. I hope it will bring you as much love… as you can handle.

            Normand Deslandes | Energy Based Living - Be The Creator